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Notepaddy takes the pain out of research synthesis

Notepaddy is an intelligent system that understands raw text data. By entering your raw research data into the system, it will return detailed sentiment and trend analysis in seconds.

The more you and your organisation use it, the more strategic oversight across large scale project it will provide. It brings design, product and research teams close together by providing a single destination with emotional insights based on qualitative and quantitative research.

It's powerful to use on your own. It's a super power when used with teams.

Notepaddy. It just makes sens

Notepaddy helps teams & organisations explore their data at an emotional level

As fellow designers and strategist ourselves, we became frustrated how the amazing affinity maps that we created during early-stage project research were made redundant over time.

Notepaddy enables a better connection between continuous and business roadmap.

Using Notepaddy within the design and research process

Imagine you've just conducted 6 user interviews. You think they went well. By entering your transcribed text from the session into Notepaddy will deliver insights at both the interview, and the overall session level.

Insights include multiple graphical representations of the session, but also the sentiment analysis (positive, negative and neutral) of topics discussed inside the sessions.

It is powerful information at a project level, but when all Reasearch & Design teams start using it, it provides insights at at on Organisational level.

As we said, Notepaddy helps you 'make sense'.